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Recycling & Sustainability

Recycling is a key aspect of sustainability. Recycling of metal is not only more economic than mining, it is also FAR more energy efficient and friendly to the environment.


Energy Conservation


The amount of energy that is saved using recycled metals compared to manufacturing from raw materials is:

  • 92% for aluminum

  • 90% for copper

  • 56% for steel

Safeguarding Raw Materials


We all need to understand the finite nature of natural resources and the danger of depletion of ore deposits. The future availability of high-grade metal ores is of great concern. The increasing demand for manufactured products relies on additional materials and has greatly increased the need to optimise raw materials consumption.

Being committed to conserving all raw materials, is our duty and is key to sustainability and the health of our planet. 

This infographic demonstrated how recycling of metals saves our planets raw materials in the manufacturing cycle.  

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